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Blije Buren Kerst 2021 reportage

Excess Christmas food due to sudden lockdown donated to the poorest

December 22, 2021, 7:00 AM · Updated December 22, 2021, 7:18 AM · By AT5/NH Amsterdam

Due to the sudden lockdown, many restaurants, caterers and suppliers are left with surplus food. A large number of companies have therefore decided to donate the food to charities such as the Blije Buren Foundation. They will be working overtime in the coming week to provide Amsterdam residents who can use it well with a tasty Christmas.

According to Peter Gualterus, chairman of the Happy Neighbors Foundation, it has been busier than ever since the introduction of the hard lockdown. Supermarkets, restaurants, major suppliers: they all contacted charities to donate the food they can no longer sell. The foundation received kilos of fruit and salads, but also 1,000 liters of long-life milk and small Christmas trees that would normally be used for decoration in catering establishments.

”Voor de horecaondernemers is het heel verdrietig, maar misschien moet dit juist de kerst van liefdadigheid worden”


In zijn distributiecentrum, gelegen achter het oude Slotervaartziekenhuis, wordt alles verdeeld en opgehaald door andere organisaties om het voedsel te verdelen onder minder bedeelde Amsterdammers. De maaltijden komen terecht bij onder andere ongedocumenteerden, daklozen, statushouders en gezinnen met weinig geld.

”Voor de horecaondernemers is het heel verdrietig, maar misschien moet dit juist de kerst van liefdadigheid worden zodat de spullen niet weggegooid worden”, zegt Peter.


Licht in het duister

Latifa El Mesnaoui is a volunteer at the Happy Neighbors Foundation and is happy that she can contribute: ”I can make so many people happy. Free but not effortless I can really add something in their lives. We call that a little light in the dark.”

A caterer who brings sandwiches, soups and salads also stimulates solidarity in these times: “A lot of people are already having a very hard time and if you can make someone happy with beautiful, nice things – I think that makes everyone happy. “